Referal Program

About Hooros Digital Freelance hiring

Hooros Digital has built a curated freelance hiring marketplace where companies who require a freelancer/freelancers to help them with a particular project can create a company profile and tell us about the project they are working on

We will then assign a freelancer(s) to the project. Each freelancer on our database has already been vetted for technical ability and communication skills, thus assuring quality from the get go.

Hooros Digital proceeds to manage the relationship between the freelancer and the client to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We collect a 15% fee from the amount payable to the freelancer

The freelancers we have on the Hooros Digital freelance platform include freelance; software developers, graphic designers, copywriters, technical writers, salesforce administrators/consultants, researchers and data scientists

How the Referral Program works

The Hooros referral program allows anyone to refer a paying client to Hooros Digital. If you know of any client who may require a freelancer to assist them on a project you can fill in the referral below. If the client converts to a paying client you will receive between R500 - R1000 depending on the size of the project

Upon filling in the form you will receive a contract binding us to this agreement ensuring that you will be compensated for your efforts