Partnering with Hooros

Incubators/ Accelerators

For incubators and accelerators Hooros Digital offers services including; developing MVPs, building custom software, carrying out market research and launching digital marketing campaigns. We are able to offer these services at a fraction of a cost than traditional digital agencies. We manage to do this through;

  1. Leveraging scalable low cost programming tools, drastically reducing developer costs. These savings are then passed on to startups in your incubator/accelerator
  2. Utilizing our internal screened freelance database who are passionate about building amazing MVPs, launching digital marketing campaigns, carrying out market research and even helping your ventures customize their ERP and CRM tools at a reasonable price
  3. Utilizing the expertise of our inhouse team to help build MVPs and custom software

Co-working Spaces

Much like incubators and accelerators there is an incentive for you to help develop startups in your spaces to ensure that they are profitable and grow in reputation. This in turn helps keep your co-working space profitable and helps develop your brand image, as more successful startups spring up from your spaces more people will know about your co-working space. So how can we help startups in your co-working space

  1. Offering discounted rates for startups in your working spaces that seek to build MVPs, launch digital marketing campaigns, carry our market research and customize their ERP and CRM tools

SME Consultants

The crux of your business entails helping SMEs grow, using the skillsets that are within your consultancy. Hooros can help add a new dimension to how you can help your customers. We can offer your clients discounted rates for your services

University Entrepreneurship Clubs

Young entrepreneurs have been key drivers of innovation over the last few decades. Partnering with us gives entrepreneurs in your club access to an affordable resource that help them get their products to market and grow their ventures