Hiring Marketplace

Hooros is currently developing a hiring marketplace to connect curated talent to amazing job opportunities. Talent will be curated based on skills (situational tests) and behavioural fit.

Hiring is broken, in many instances companies solely rely on the pedigree of your university and a person's grades to make hiring decisions

The problem with this is that while good grades may indicate that an individual is hardworking and may be intelligent, the correlation between academic performance and intelligence, particularly in degrees that are not based on problem solving, is questionable. There are numerous degrees where rote learning and memorizing concepts is prioritized over rigorous problem solving. More tests must be done on an individual to test his/her ability to think beyond what s/he crammed in University and his/her ability to learn and grasp new skills and concepts.

We also believe that it is possible for employment to be a give-and-take experience. While employees are meant to add value to a business, employers can enrich the lives of their employees too . We use goal matching as one of our indicators in aligning employees to their best-fit experience. We match the career and personal goals of each candidate with whatever employers can give, or the goals of the company itself to ensure a higher chance of success for new employees.

We will releasing and opening up our hiring marketplace to a few users for beta testing before the end of March.


If you have any suggestions, opinions or questions about our hiring marketplace email Emmanuel Sibanda at