Use the form or chatbot to tell us about your idea. Alternatively, you can shoot us an email to tell us a bit more about the idea you are working on. We cannot sign an NDA prior to receiving your idea. Signing an idea in this context would greatly limit our ability to do our work- help you build and launch an MVP. We will occasionally make exceptions to this rule, as and when an NDA is needed.


We want to understand your idea more in order to help you build a better product. In this stage, we will assess your idea to understand, your market, competitors and assumptions. Through this process we will set out the requirements of your project, milestones and clear deliverables.


In this phase, we develop your MVP. Project Management will be handled internally, but if required, we will give you regular feedback regarding your project so you are included in the development process.

Test & Launch

In order to ensure your product works as it should we proceed to engage in thorough testing. Through testing, we make sure that your product meets all the requirements defined before hand.

Analytics (optional)

To understand the impact of your MVP, we develop success criteria with you to see if your business idea is viable and ready to launch. After the launch of your prototype or MVP, we will assist you in monitoring the market behaviour and feedback and discuss key findings with you to help you make the decision to leave or proceed.