Hooros Digital

Marketplace for the implementation of affordable internally managed projects for SMEs around Africa

How we work

How we work

So you're keen to work with Hooros? Here is how we operate.

  • Digital Strategy

    If you are wondering how digital technology can help your grow your business. This is the right package for you. Hooros Digital offers free consultation to get a better understanding of your business and then proceeds to implement a digital solutions to help you grow your business.

  • Need to develop an MVP?

    Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business that needs assistance developing a digital minimum viable product to help you prove assumptions about your business? Hooros Digital can help you with both the strategy and development of your MVP

  • Grow your business

    Ultimately Hooros Digital is a platform enabling startups to outsource not core activities to a team of experts. You never have to worry about increasing your labour costs. We build a remote team of experts for you and manage your projects to help you grow faster.

Meet the Hooros Team

Meet the team that makes Hooros tick.